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Continuously produced quality products

Our assembly works with fully automated assembly 
machines under strict supervision and compliance with
 the quality requirements. Our assembly machines are 
working in the course of efficiency and economic effectiveness.

For the supply of the parts we are working with alongside or round
 conveyers that can be equipped with a variety of versions according 
to the product version. The individual assembly steps are fully automated. 
Changing from one version or colour to another is possible at any time
 and can be done on a short notice.

With our highly adapted and customized assembly machines 
the induvidual assembly steps are constantly supervised through 
integrated measuring and testing equipment.
 Due to the high degree of automation our employees are physically 
relieved and are able to preparatively maintain the machines and avoid 
unplanned interruptions of the assembly process.

 This allows us to assure the optimum productivity of our 
automated assembly.